Multi-media installation
50 x 60 cm (painting)

Becoming is a new media installation revealed in three parts. The first section of the installation features a painting of a woman through a window surrounded by hidden cameras which capture the viewer and, much to the viewers surprise, progresses to fill four monitors with video streams of the viewer viewing the painting, each live stream of the viewer showing at a slightly different time delay.

After following their own movement across four screens, the viewers proceed to the next part of the installation were they are faced with a large projection image. Upon first look, the image is that of a large house facade with nine windows, but upon closer inspection the viewer watches their very own movement (captured during the first part) across the interiors of the large house and find themselves watching themselves through a number of windows. The different time delays allow the viewers to catch different glimpses of their bodies at different moments, in different sections of the image, inviting them to feel alien to themselves with a new, uncomfortable awareness of their exterior-selves.

The observer becomes the observed.